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  • Announcement: WEENZEE in São José dos Campos, Brazil!

    WEENZEE captures the minds of crypto enthusiasts from all over Brazil! Leaders visit various cities and see a great interest in the project WEENZEE. This time they will be in the city of São José dos Campos, near Sao Paulo. You have a great opportunity to meet with company representatives!

    The speakers will conduct a small educational lecture on the basics of the blockchain and its future prospects. They will also tell about how you can earn money by investing in a project WEENZEE. Participants will hear many important recommendations and tips for improving their own well-being.

    The meeting will last several hours, which means that you will be provided with drinks, snacks and free Wi-Fi!

    Date: May 14

    Time: 19:30

    Location: Hotel Ibis Dutra

    Address: Av. Cidade Jardim 101

    See you in São José dos Campos!

    May 13, 2019