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  • Competition! Win 500 WNZ!

    The WEENZEE project accepts a large number of participants from a wide variety of fields of activity. System partners continue to conduct educational activities to increase financial literacy of users.

    Also, positioning in the market of cryptotechnologies is very important for a business platform. Therefore, in order to draw attention to WEENZEE, we are launching a contest for the best text about the community, the project and its benefits. It will be held in several Korean media about the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

    To participate, you must write an article and publish it on each of the following resources: https://cobak.co.kr , https://coinpan.com , http://cointalk.co.kr , https://ddengle.com. Since these media work in Korea, your article should be in Korean. In the text you can tell about your experience with the project, your impressions or just express your opinion on the development of WEENZEE on the blockchain market.

    For the publication on each site you will receive 5 WNZ (that is, a maximum of 20 WNZ), as well as the opportunity to win 500 WNZ, if your text is the best. The contest will last a month. Every week we will award the best articles. The results of the competition we will summarize at the next major conference WEENZEE.

    Send your articles to this address:

    Telegram: @linaweenzee
    Line: linaostrowski

    WEENZEE - self-development and innovation!

    April 17, 2019